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This Week In Doctor Who
July 11, 2009 - Vol 12, No 28
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

The original test post of This Week In Doctor Who went out on July 13, 1998.Happy 11th to the column as of Monday.

Upcoming Premiere Broadcasts:

Sunday 12 July:
BBC Entertainment Poland 6:40PM - 42
Wednesday 15 July:
SciFi Netherlands 7:30PM - The Doctor's Daughter
Saturday 25 July:
SPACE Canada 9PM EDT/6PM PDT - Planet Of The Dead (see This Week In Doctor WhoWestern Hemisphere)
Sunday 26 July:
BBC America USA 8PM and 11PM and 2AM EDT/5PM and 8PM and 11PM PDT - Planet Of The Dead (see This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere)

The trigger has been pulled. Outpost Gallifrey has closed its news page( goes to a new page with the same team at GallifreyNews Base), and the This Week In Doctor Who mirror there is no more. The replacement link is , and of course the other places I've mentioned that This Week is available. This Week In Doctor Who has been proud to be associated with Outpost Gallifrey in one form or another since July 1998 when this column began. Thanks for all the glorious years.

Torchwood's ratings success and plot twists (be very careful on the internet ifyou are waiting for Torchwood to air in your country or for the DVDs/Blu-Rays) are still sucking up most of the air from Doctor Who news.

UK - If you have been watching the endless repeats of Series 1 and 2 of Doctor Who on Watch (and previously on UKTV Gold), wondering when they would get newer episodes - Series 3 begins tonight with The Runaway Bride and Smith And Jones. For those who prefer their Who commercial free, BBC Three is going back to the start of the new era on Friday with Rose. Looks like Fridays at 8, Saturdays and Monday through Thursday at 7PM for the repeats.

France - France 4 is beginning a repeat run this Friday. Starting with Series 2 this time along. For press releases on Doctor Who, keep an eye on the BBC Press Office and C21 Media . Listings for North and South America are in This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere. Sarah Jane Adventures, K9 and Podcasts are in This Week In Doctor Who Spinoffs. Torchwood info is in Torchwood This Week. Corrections and updates are welcome at , , TWIDW on AOL IM , and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. The listings:

New Series General Information:

SciFi NL Series 4 - new episodes.
Sunday 6:40PM CET 4-05 "The Poison Sky" pt 2 of 2
Wednesday 8:30PM, Friday 10:10PM, 19 July 6:40PM CET 4-06 "The Doctor'sDaughter"
22 July 8:30PM, 24 July 10:10PM, 26 July 6:40PM CET 4-07 "The Unicorn And TheWasp"
29 July 8:30PM, 31 July 10:10PM, 2 August 6:40PM CET 4-08 "Silence In TheLibrary" pt 1 of 2
5 August 8:30PM, 7 August 10:10PM, 9 August 6:40PM CET 4-09 "Forest Of The Dead"pt 2 of 2
12 August 8:30PM, 14 August 10:10PM, 16 August 6:40PM CET 4-10 "Midnight"
19 August 8:30PM, 21 August 10:10PM, 23 August 6:40PM CET 4-11 "Turn Left"
26 August 8:30PM, 28 August 10:10PM, 30 August 6:40PM CET 4-12 "The Stolen Earth" pt 1 of 2

BBC Entertainment Poland Series 3 - first run:
Saturday 1:45PM, Early Sunday 5:10AM CET 3-07 "42"
Sunday 6:40PM and 2AM, Saturday 18 July 2:40PM, 19 July 5:05AM CET 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 2 (new episode)
Late Sunday 3:40AM CET 2-01 "New Earth"
Late Sunday 4:30AM CET 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
Early Monday 5:15AM CET 2-03 "School Reunion"
Monday 6:30AM and (late) 3AM, Late 19 July 4:30AM CET 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
Monday 7:20AM and (late) 3:50AM, Early 20 July 5:15AM CET 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
Tuesday 6:30AM and (late) 3AM, Late 26 July 4AM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
Tuesday 7:20AM and (late) 3:50AM, Late 26 July 4:45AM CET 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2
Wednesday 6:30AM and (late) 3AM CET 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2
Wednesday 7:20AM and (late) 3:50AM CET 2-10 "Love And Monsters"
Thursday 6:30AM and (late) 3AM CET 2-11 "Fear Her"
Thursday 7:20AM and (late) 3:50AM CET 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2
Friday 6:30AM and (late) 3AM CET 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2
Friday 7:20AM and (late) 3:50AM CET 3-00 "The Runaway Bride"
19 July 6:45PM and 2:10AM, 25 July 2:40PM, 26 July 5:05AM CET 3-09 "The FamilyOf Blood" pt 2 of 2
Late 19 July 3:45AM CET 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
26 July 6:40PM and 2:25AM CET 3-10 "Blink"

BBC Three Doctor Who Confidential First broadcaster of Doctor Who Confidential.
Friday 8:15PM BST 1-01 "Rose"
18 July 7PM BST 1-02 "The End Of The World"
18 July 7:45PM and 5:05AM BST DWC 1-02 "Aliens" (15 minutes)
20 July 7PM BST 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
20 July 7:45PM and 5:10AM BST DWC 1-03 "TARDIS Tales" (15 minutes)21 July 7PM BST 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1 of 221 July 7:45PM and 5:10AM BST DWC 1-04 "I Get A Side-Kick Out Of You" (15minutes)22 July 7PM BST 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 222 July 7:45PM BST DWC 1-05 "Why On Earth?" (15 minutes)23 July 7PM BST 1-06 "Dalek"23 July 7:45PM and 5:10AM BST DWC 1-06 "The Daleks" (15 minutes)24 July 8PM BST 1-07 "The Long Game"24 July 8:45PM BST DWC 1-07 "The Dark Side" (15 minutes)25 July 7PM BST 1-08 "Father's Day"25 July 7:45PM and 5:10AM BST DWC 1-08 "Time Trouble" (15 minutes)27 July 7PM BST 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 227 July 7:45PM BST DWC 1-09 "FX" (15 minutes)28 July 7PM BST 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 228 July 7:45PM and 5:15AM BST DWC 1-10 "Weird Science Of Doctor Who" (15minutes)29 July 7PM BST 1-11 "Boom Town"29 July 7:45PM BST DWC 1-11 "Unsung Heroes And Violent Death" (15 minutes)30 July 7PM BST 1-12 "Bad Wolf" pt 1 of 230 July 7:45PM and 4:45AM BST DWC 1-12 "The World Of Who" (15 minutes)31 July 8PM BST 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways" pt 2 of 231 July 8:45PM BST DWC 1-13 "The Last Battle" (15 minutes)Watch times 1 hour later on Watch plus 1.Saturday 12:40PM, 10 August 6PM BST 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"Saturday 1:40PM, 11 August 7PM BST 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2Saturday 2:40PM BST 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2Saturday 3:40PM, Sunday 1PM BST 2-11 "Fear Her"Saturday 4:40PM, Sunday12 July 2PM BST 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2Saturday 5:40PM, Sunday 3PM BST 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2Saturday 6:40PM, Sunday 4PM, 26 July 9:55PM BST 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (80minutes, start of New to Watch episodes)Saturday 8PM, Sunday 5:20PM BST 3-01 "Smith And Jones"Sunday Noon, Late Sunday 1:30AM BST 2-01 "New Earth"18 July 8PM, 19 July 5PM BST 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"25 July 8PM and 11:50PM BST 3-03 "Gridlock"27 July 6PM BST 1-01 "Rose"28 July 6PM BST 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"29 July 6PM BST 1-06 "Dalek"30 July 6PM BST 1-07 "The Long Game"31 July 6PM BST 1-08 "Father's Day"1 August 6PM and 11:45PM BST 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 21 August 8PM BST Series 32 August 4PM BST Series 32 August 6PM and 9:45PM BST 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 23 August 6PM BST 1-11 "Boom Town"4 August 6PM BST 1-12 "Bad Wolf" pt 1 of 25 August 6PM BST 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways" pt 2 of 26 August 6PM BST 2-01 "New Earth"7 August 6PM and 12:10AM BST 2-03 "School Reunion"8 August 8PM BST Series 3 - 2 hours?9 August 5PM BST Series 3I am going to get time to explore the site again, BBC Online. Are these featuresstill available? Tune in next week.BBC Online"Shada" - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. 6 episodes. A retired Time Lordin Cambridge needs the Doctor's help to recover a Time Lord book before thescientist Skagra can find it."The Scream Of The Shalka" - starring Richard E. Grant. 6 episode story. TheShalka prepare to conquer the Earth from below. Can the Doctor be convinced tosave the day one last time?"Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episodes. The Doctor andEvelyn Smythe research a temple that has been yanking scientists out of time,bringing them face to face with the future of the Cybermen. (NOTE - While RealTime is listed on the website, only the audio version is working. The videoversions are not working at this time. Please, someone at the BBC - fix this.)Doctor Who Confidential 13 episodes from Series 1 of the BBC Three series all online via Real Playerin the CutDown format used for repeats and the Series 1 DVDs. Also, numerousvideo diaries and trailers.BBC One Widescreen Digital,14:9 Cropped Letterbox AnalogueLater 2009 4-16 "The Waters Of Mars"Still later 2009/2010 "The other 2 specials - final episodes with David Tennantas The Doctor"2010 "Series 5 - 13 episodes - starring Matt Smith as The Doctor"BBC HD BBC's UK station for HD programming - no episodes scheduledMILITARY:BFBS 2:Saturday 6PM, Sunday 6AM CET 3-03 "Gridlock"Saturday 6:45PM, Sunday 6:45AM CET 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 218 July 6PM, 19 July 6AM CET 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 218 July 6:45PM, 19 July 6:45AM CET 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"FRANCEFrance 4 Run. Doctor Who episodes are apparently back up on their Video On Demandservice as well, but 1) you need to know French better than I do to understandit and 2) episodes are only available in France. Thanks to Aurelie and Gerardand others who spotted the return of Doctor Who to French TV.Friday 8:35PM, 19 July 5:25PM and 12:35AM CET 2-01 "Une Nouvelle Terre" (NewEarth)Friday 9:15PM, 19 July 6:15PM and 1:20AM CET 2-02 "Un Loup Garou Royal" (ToothAnd Claw)24 July 8:35PM, 26 July 5:25PM and Midnight CET 2-03 "School Reunion"24 July 9:25PM, 26 July 6:10PM and 12:45AM CET 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"PORTUGAL:SIC Radical - website is a tad hard to followSeries 2 Repeats:Saturday 18 July 8:15AM CET 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2ITALY:Jimmy 3 Repeat Run:27 July 8:35AM and 3:30PM and (late) 3:10AM, 28 July 7:05AM and (late) 2:20AMCET 3-00 "The Runaway Bride"as of this writing, Jimmy's schedule for July wasn't fully filled in, so theabove is tentativeSCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES (Northern Europe):BBC Entertainment July 8:15AM CET 2-01 "New Earth" (weekday morning double feature run)22 July 9AM, 23 July 8:15AM CET 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"23 July 9AM, 24 July 8:15AM CET 2-03 "School Reunion"24 July 9AM, 27 July 8:15AM CET 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"27 July 9AM, 28 July 8:15AM CET 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 228 July 9AM, 29 July 8:15AM CET 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 229 July 9AM, 30 July 8:15AM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"30 July 9AM, 31 July 8:35AM CET 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 231 July 9:20AM, 3 August 8:15AM CET 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 22 August 7:15PM and Midnight, 7 August 6:55PM and 11:55PM and 3:55AM, 8 August5:15PM, 9 August 6:15PM CET 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (start of new episodes)3 August 9AM, 4 August 8:15AM CET 2-10 "Love And Monsters"4 August 9AM, 5 August 8:15AM CET 2-11 "Fear Her"5 August 9AM, 6 August 8:15AM CET 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 26 August 9AM, 7 August 8:20AM CET 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 29 August 7:15PM and 11:45PM and 4:15AM, 14 August 7:15PM and 11:50PM and 3:25AM,15 August 5:30PM, 16 August 6:30PM and 11:45PM CET 3-01 "Smith And Jones"16 August 7:15PM and 12:30AM, 21 August 7:15PM and 11:50PM and 2:55AM, 22 August5:30PM, 23 August 6:30PM and 11:45PM CET 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"23 August 7:15PM and 12:30AM, 28 August 7:15PM and 3:30AM, 29 August 5:30PM, 30August 6:30PM and 12:55AM CET 3-03 "Gridlock"30 August 7:15PM and 1:40AM CET 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2SWEDEN:TV4 Science Fiction 9:30PM, Sunday 9:55AM CET "Dr. Who and the Daleks" 1965 feature filmwith Peter Cushing as the British scientist Dr. Who - 80 minutes18 July 9:30PM, 19 July 10AM CET "Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150A.D." 1966 featurefilm with Peter Cushing as the British scientist Dr. Who - 80 minutesEUROPE/MIDDLE EAST:BBC Prime Series 1 and 2; Doctor Who Confidential Cut DownAdjust for local time, which could vary by several hoursSunday 3:25PM and 10:10PM CET 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 2Sunday 4:10PM and 10:55PM CET DWC 1-05 "Why on Earth?"19 July 3:25PM and 10:05PM CET 1-06 "Dalek"19 July 4:10PM and 10:50PM CET DWC 1-06 "The Daleks"26 July 3:10PM and 9:55PM CET 1-07 "The Long Game"26 July 3:55PM and 10:40PM CET DWC 1-07 "The Dark Side"ASIA:BBC Entertainment Asia times Korea - adjust for local time zone. Subtitles available in variouslocal languages.Saturday 10:20PM DWC 2-09 "Myths, Heroes, And Legends"Late Saturday 4:15AM, Tuesday 5:30AM and 2:20PM DWC 2-10 "The New World OfDoctor Who"Tuesday 9:05PM and 12:45AM and 4:50AM, Wednesday 10AM and 1:45PM, 19 July 5:20PM2-01 "New Earth"Tuesday 9:50PM, 19 July 6:05PM DWC 2-01 "New New Doctor"19 July 10:20PM, 28 July 5:35AM DWC 2-12 "Welcome To Torchwood"21 July 5:30AM, 26 July 6:05PM DWC 2-02 "Fear Factor"21 July 9:10PM and 12:45AM and 4:55AM, 22 July 10AM and 1:45PM, 26 July 5:20PM2-02 "Tooth And Claw"26 July 10:15PM and 4:20AM 2-11 "The Fright Stuff"28 July 9:10PM and 12:45AM and 4:55AM, 29 July 10AM and 1:45PM 2-03 "SchoolReunion"HONG KONG:ATV World 18 July 9PM 3-10 "Blink"AUSTRALIA:UKTV Australia times 2 hours later on UKTV + 2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.Tuesday 7:30PM, Wednesday 11:30AM, Saturday 18 July 4PM 3-05 "Evolution Of TheDaleks" pt 2 of 2Tuesday 8:20PM, Saturday 18 July 4:50PM DWC 3-05 "Making Manhattan"21 July 7:30PM, 22 July 11:30AM, 25 July 4PM 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"21 July 8:20PM, 25 July 4:50PM DWC 3-06 "Monsters Inc."28 July 7:30PM, 29 July 11:30AM, 1 August 4PM 3-07 "42"28 July 8:20PM, 1 August 4:50PM DWC 3-07 "Spacecraft"ABC2 2 repeat run.Monday 9:30PM 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2Monday 10:17PM DWC 2-09 "Myths, Heroes, And Legends"20 July 9:30PM 2-10 "Love And Monsters"20 July 10:15PM DWC 2-10 "The New World Of Doctor Who"27 July 9:30PM 2-11 "Fear Her"27 July 10:15PM DWC 2-11 "The Fright Stuff"New Zealand:UKTV New Zealand 3 - new to UKTV New Zealand.Thursday 7:30PM and 2:15AM, Saturday 18 July 4PM 3-01 "Smith And Jones"Thursday 8:15PM and 3AM, Saturday 18 July 4:45PM DWC 3-01 "Meet Martha Jones"23 July 7:30PM and 2:15AM, 25 July 4PM 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"23 July 8:15PM and 3AM, 25 July 4:45PM DWC 3-02 "Stage Fright"30 July 7:30PM and 2:15AM, 1 August 4PM 3-03 "Gridlock"30 July 8:15PM and 3AM, 1 August 4:45PM DWC 3-03 "Are We There Yet?"

This Week In Doctor Who Western HemisphereJuly 11, 2009 - Vol 1, No 28The Guide to North and South American Doctor Who TV Listingsby Benjamin F. Elliott - SPACE's next Doctor Who broadcast is Planet Of The Dead on Saturday25 July at 9PM Eastern (two repeats on 26 July in blocks with The Next Doctorrepeats). BBC America's next Doctor Who Broadcast is Planet Of The Dead onSunday 26 July at 8PM, 11PM, and 2AM Eastern.USA - BBC America aired The Next Doctor complete on Saturday 27 June and hasalready put the episode on iTunes. Its DVD release is in September. Sadly, norepeats on TV are currently scheduled. Also, BBC America listed the episode as75 minutes but ran it for 79 minutes, causing most people who recorded theepisode to watch it later to miss the ending. And BBC America's On Demandschedule has updated - Doctor Who is not part of their On Demand service. Now,there is a Doctor Who marathon scheduled for Sunday 19 July, but The Next Doctoris not part of it. Currently:Sunday 19 July:3PM - The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances5PM - Utopia6PM - The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords (movie version, edited versionof Last Of The Time Lords)Now, if anybody at BBC America is listening, wouldn't this make a bettermarathon?3PM - Turn Left (unedited, 65 minute time slot - you've never shown this oneuncut before)4:05PM - The Stolen Earth5:05PM - Journey's End (90 minute time slot to air it uncut, you promised anuncut showing on your message board months ago)6:35PM - The Next Doctor (85 minute time slot - 80 minutes for the episode nowthat we know the real running time, 5 minutes to hype lots of HD stuff)Note - I am e-mailing this idea to BBC America and twittering it at them, butthis is my idea. The listing higher up is what BBC America is actually doingunless they change their mind.Things have been a little busy lately, so apologies if I am behind in respondingto you over something. Ex: Christopher Cebula at Milwaukee Public TV contactedme days ago about their listings and I haven't had time to e-mail back. I takeyour point, and next time I'll try to contact you ASAP (before publicationtime). This means I need to contact UNC-TV about the rather odd info they haveup for August and see if they mean it.USA - Doctor Who - Series 3 (The Runaway Bride and the 13 episode 2007 serieswith Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones) are now distributed to Public TV stationsby BBC Worldwide Americas, not American Public TV. Series 4 also seems to beavailable to buy - start date for Series 4 on Public TV stations is unknown. BBCWorldwide Americas also distributes classic Doctor Who to stations.The public TV stations known to have bought The Runaway Bride and Series 3:WXXI 21 Rochester, NYWTTW 11 Chicago, IL (starts 2 August 10PM CDT)WGVU/WGVK 35,52 Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MIWILL 12 Urbana, ILWTVP 47 Peoria, ILIowa Public TVIdaho Public TVWisconsin Public TVMilwaukee Public TVKUED 7 Salt Lake City, UT (currently in first run)OETA OklahomaKLRU 18 Austin, TX (currently in first run)Alaska Public TVWSKG/WSKA 46,30 Binghamton/Elmira, NY (currently in first run)KERA 13 Dallas, TX (starts tonight at Midnight CDT)Now, I am confident that there are more stations with rights to Series 3 thanthat. (Just added KERA in Dallas - hooray.) But these are the stations who havecontacted me or scheduled the show. Unlike previous years, we are in the darktill a station comes forward or new Who appears in their schedules.Series 2 is currently available to public TV stations in an American Public TVpackage until March 31, 2010. For the Series 1 and 2 packages, stations havebought the rights to cycle through the episodes 4 times. They are not requiredto do so. American Public TV is no longer offering Series 1 - I do not know ifBBC Worldwide Americas will offer those stations to public TV stations now ornot.2 Public TV stations currently have rights to air the classic Doctor Who run(1963-1989), but not New Who. KBTC 28 Tacoma, WA is airing Peter Davisonepisodes. WHRO 15 Norfolk, VA is airing Tom Baker episodes.And now, the listings:MEXICO/LATIN AMERICA/SOUTH AMERICA:BBC Entertainment 6PM and 4AM, Sunday 10AM, 19 July 9AM 1-11 "Boom Town"Sunday 9AM 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 218 July 6PM and 4AM, 19 July 10AM, 26 July 9AM 1-12 "Bad Wolf" pt 1 of 225 July 6PM and 4AM, 26 July 10AM, 2 August 9AM 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways"pt 2 of 21 August 6PM and 4AM, 2 August 10AM 1-01 "Rose" (I'm noticing a rut here - thereare more than 13 episodes, guys)CANADA:SPACE has the 2009 specials and Series 5. Repeats of the Eccleston/Tennantepisodes coming in 2010.25 July 9PM EDT/6PM PDT, 26 July 11:20AM and 4:35PM EDT/8:20AM and 1:35PM PDT4-15 "Planet Of The Dead" (Canadian premiere, 85 minute slot?, will be onSPACE's website for Canadian viewers to see for a period after initialbroadcast)26 July 10AM and 3:15PM EDT/7AM and 12:15PM PDT 4-14 "The Next Doctor" (80minute slot) (I suspect it may also repeat on 25 July, but the 25 July listingsare missing for some reason - SPACE tweeted the time for Planet Of The Dead,which is why I have that)CBC TV's over the air network is encoring the last set of episodes they bought.Sunday 11PM (11:30PM Newfoundland and some Pacific Time Zone stations, somePacific at 11PM) 4-04 "The Sontaran Stratagem" pt 1 of 219 July 11PM (11:30PM Newfoundland and some Pacific Time Zone stations, somePacific at 11PM) 4-05 "The Poison Sky" pt 2 of 2CBC Bold TV "The Planet Of The Doctor" exclusive CBC.CAdocumentary. 6 regular episodes and 1 special. Approximately 90 minutes.Late Wednesday Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-01 "New Earth" (The Christmas Invasion isskipped, 8PM slot no longer exists - only 2 airings)Late 22 July Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"Late 29 July Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-03 "School Reunion"Late 5 August Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"Late 12 August Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2Late 19 August Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2Late 26 August Midnight and 3AM EDT 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"USA:BBC America 264 Dish 135,879HD version of channel launches 20 July 2009. Firstrun home for the last 5 DavidTennant special episodes. Doctor Who is *NOT* including in the BBC America OnDemand offerings.See Torchwood This Week for BBCAmerica's Torchwood schedule.-19 July 3PM EDT/Noon PDT 1-09/1-10 "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances" movieversion-19 July 5PM EDT/2PM PDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3-19 July 6PM EDT/3PM PDT 3-12/3-13 "The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords"pts 2 and 3 of 3, combined as a movie, edited International Version of Last OfThe Time Lords-26 July 8PM and 11PM and 2AM EDT/5PM and 8PM and 11PM PDT 4-15 "Planet Of TheDead" (USA Premiere, first HD Doctor Who broadcast, 75 minute timeslot)Later 2009/2010 - The Waters Of Mars and the 2 part finaleSyfy 244 DirecTVHD 244 Dish 122 DishHD 122 16:9 Letterbox.Series 4 - repeat run. Series 1, 2, and 3 - sporadic repeats. Repeat rights toSarah Jane Adventures Series 1. Status of Sarah Jane Series 2 unknown.Friday 5AM EDT/PDT 4-12 "The Stolen Earth" pt 1 of 2 (once again, part 2 willnot air)24 July 5AM EDT/PDT 4-01 "Partners In Crime"27 July 8AM EDT/PDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"27 July 9AM EDT/PDT 3-07 "42"27 July 10AM EDT/PDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 227 July 11AM EDT/PDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 227 July Noon EDT/PDT 3-10 "Blink"27 July 1PM EDT/PDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 327 July 2PM EDT/PDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 327 July 3PM EDT PDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (EditedInternational Version)31 July 5AM EDT/PDT 4-02 "The Fires Of Pompeii"7 August 5AM EDT/PDT14 August 5AM EDT/PDT21 August 5AM EDT/PDT28 August 5AM EDT/PDT28 August 8AM EDT/PDT Daytime Rotation - 8 Series 2 EpisodesPublic TV Premiere Run:WSKG/WSKA 46.1, 30.1 Binghamton/Elmira, NY 3 - 1st Cycle:Saturday 11:30PM EDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment" (new later start time -beware, Saturday Night Live - WSKG is battling you head to head now)Late Saturday 12:18AM EDT DWC 3-06 "Monsters Inc."18 July 11:30PM EDT 3-07 "42"Late 18 July 12:18AM EDT DWC 3-07 "Spacecraft"25 July 11:30PM EDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 2Late 25 July 12:18AM EDT DWC 3-08 "Alter Ego"WSKG has the right to air one more cycle of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.Wisconsin Public TV 28.1, 38.1, 21.1, 31.1, 20.1 Bay DirecTV 38Green Bay Dish 38,9336Madison DirecTV 21Madison Dish 21,7286La Crosse-Eau Claire DirecTV 31 DirecTVHD 31La Crosse-Eau Claire Dish 31,7726Wassau DirecTV 20Wassau Dish 20,7216Series 3 - 1st Cycle:Saturday pre-emptedSaturday 8:40PM CDT 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2Sunday - pre-empted by Great Circus Parade 200918 July 8:40PM, 19 July 2PM CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 219 July 2:47PM CDT DWC 3-05 "Making Manhattan"25 July 8:40PM, 26 July 2PM CDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"26 July 2:45PM CDT DWC 3-06 "Monters Inc."Wisconsin Public TV has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March31, 2010.KERA 13.1 Dallas, TX DirecTV 13,889 DirecTVHD 13Dallas, Sherman Dish 13,8406Tyler Dish 13,8886Series 3 - 1st Cycle:Late Saturday Midnight CDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (start of new to KERAepisodes!)Late 18 July Midnight CDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"Late 18 July 12:45AM CDT DWC 3-01 "Meet Martha Jones"Late 25 July Midnight CDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"Late 25 July 12:45AM CDT DWC 3-02 "Stage Fright"KERA has the right to 2 more showings of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.KLRU 18.1 Austin, TX DirecTV 18,907Austin Dish 18,8256Series 3 - 1st Cycle:Saturday 11PM CDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3Thursday 10PM, 18 July 11PM CDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 323 July 10PM, 25 July 11PM CDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (EditedInternational Version)20 August 10PM, 22 August 11PM CDT 2-01 "New Earth" (start of Series 2 - 3rdCycle)27 August 10PM, 29 August 11PM CDT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"3 September 10PM, 5 September 11PM CDT 2-03 "School Reunion"KLRU has the right to 2 more cycles of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.KLRU-Q 18.3 Austin, TX and digital cable onlyWednesday 10PM CDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 322 July 10PM CDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 329 July 10PM CDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (Edited InternationalVersion)19 August 10PM CDT 2-01 "New Earth" (start of Series 2 - 3rd Cycle)26 August 10PM CDT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"2 September 10PM CDT 2-03 "School Reunion"9 September 10PM CDT 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"16 September 10PM CDT 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 223 September 10PM CDT 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 230 September 10PM CDT 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"7 October 10PM CDT 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 214 October 10PM CDT 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 221 October 10PM CDT 2-10 "Love And Monsters"28 October 10PM CDT 2-11 "Fear Her"4 November 10PM CDT 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 211 November 10PM CDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2episodes airing the week after the KLRU regular broadcasts. Starting 19 August,episodes will air one day *before* KLRU 18.1.KUED 7.1/KUES 19.1/KUEW 18.1 Salt Lake City/St. George, UT by Ken Garth Mitsubishi-Hundai.Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536Series 3 - 1st Cycle:Saturday 11PM MDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 318 July 11PM MDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (Edited InternationalVersion)25 July 11PM MDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (2nd Cycle Begins)1 and 8 August - pre-empted for pledge specials15 August 11PM MDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"22 August 11PM MDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"29 August 11PM MDT 3-03 "Gridlock"KUED has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March 31, 2010.Repeats:WXXI 21.1 Rochester, NY DirecTV 21 DirecTVHD 21Rochester Dish 21,7640Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:Saturday 11PM EDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 218 July 11PM EDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 225 July 11PM EDT 3-10 "Blink"WXXI has the right to air 2 more cycles of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.WHRO 15.1 Norfolk, VA DirecTV 15 DirecTVHD 15Norfolk Dish 15,7295Saturday 11:49PM and 4:49AM EDT "The Sontaran Experiment" pt 2 of 2Classic Season 12, Episode 10. Doctor: Tom Baker.18 July 11:54PM and 4:54AM EDT "Genesis Of The Daleks" pt 1Late 25 July 12:28AM EDT (no later repeat) "Genesis Of The Daleks" pt 21 August 11:30PM and 4:30AM EDT "Genesis Of The Daleks" pt 38 August 11:31PM and 4:31AM EDT "Genesis Of The Daleks" pt 415 August 11:30PM and 4:30AM EDT "Genesis Of The Daleks" pt 522 August 11:30PM and 4:30AM EDT "Genesis Of The Daleks" pt 629 August 11:31PM and 4:31AM EDT "Revenge Of The Cybermen" pt 1UNC-ED North Carolina Cable Channel from public broadcaster UNC. Not available over the air oron satellite.Series 2 - UNC's 3rd Cycle:Saturday 6PM EDT 2-10 "Love And Monsters"Saturday 6:45PM DWC 2-10 "The New World Of Doctor Who"Thursday 8PM, Friday Noon, 18 July 6PM EDT 2-11 "Fear Her"Thursday 8:43PM, Friday 12:43PM, 18 July 6:43PM DWC 2-11 "The Fright Stuff"23 July 8PM, 24 July Noon, 25 July 6PM EDT 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 223 July 8:43PM, 24 July 12:43PM, 25 July 6:43PM DWC 2-12 "Welcome To Torchwood"30 July 8PM, 31 July Noon, 1 August 6PM EDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 230 July 8:46PM, 31 July 12:46PM, 1 August 6:46PM EDT DWC 2-13 "Finale"UNC-ED's schedule for August is incomplete and odd, so I'll try to contact themwhen I get a chance.WGVU/WGVK 35.1, 52.1 Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI Rapids, MI DirecTV 35Grand Rapids, MI Dish 35,8716Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:Saturday 5PM EDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2Saturday 5:46PM EDT DWC 3-05 "Making Manhattan"Thursday 11PM, 18 July 5PM EDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"Thursday 11:45PM, 18 July 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-06 "Monsters Inc."23 July 11PM, 25 July 5PM EDT 3-07 "42"23 July 11:45PM, 25 July 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-07 "Space Craft"30 July 11PM, 1 August 5PM EDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 230 July 11:45PM, 1 August 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-08 "Alter Ego"6 August 11PM, 8 August 5PM EDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 26 August 11:45PM, 8 August 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-09 "Bad Blood"13 August 11PM, 15 August 5PM EDT 3-10 "Blink"13 August 11:45PM, 15 August 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-10 "Do You Remember The FirstTime?"20 August 11PM, 22 August 5PM EDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 320 August 11:45PM, 22 August 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-11 "'Ello 'Ello 'Ello"27 August 11PM, 29 August 5PM EDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums"27 August 11:46PM, 29 August 5:46PM EDT DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"WGVU/WGVK has the right to air Series 2 two more times before March 31, 2010.WGVU.DT4/WGVK.DT4 35.4/52.4 Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI has disappeared completely from the website, so I will assume thissubchannel is no more and hence cannot repeat Doctor Who any more.Milwaukee Public TV 10.1 DirecTV 10,946Milwaukee Dish 10,7076Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:Saturday 11PM CDT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"Saturday 11:45PM CDT DWC 2-02 "Fear Factor"18 July 11PM CDT 2-03 "School Reunion"18 July 11:45PM CDT DWC 2-03 "Friends Reunited"25 July 11PM CDT 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"25 July 11:45PM CDT DWC 2-04 "From Script To Screen"1 and 8 August - pre-empted for pledge programming15 August 11PM CDT 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2 (thanks to ChristopherCebula at Milwaukee Public TV for spotting the schedule issue, and I will *try*to find time to e-mail in advance next time something odd appears - promise)15 August 11:46PM CDT DWC 2-05 "Cybermen"22 August 11PM CDT 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 222 August 11:46PM CDT DWC 2-06 "From Zero To Hero"29 August 11PM CDT 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"29 August 11:46PM CDT DWC 2-07 "The Writer's Tale"Series 3 has aired 1 time, and Milwaukee Public TV can presumably repeat it anunknown number of times.WTTW 11.1 Chicago, IL DirecTV 11,965 DirecTVHD 11Chicago Dish 11,8496Rockford, IL - cable station onlySeries 2 - 3rd Cycle:Sunday 11PM, Late Friday 3AM CDT 2-11 "Fear Her"Sunday 11:45PM, Late Friday 3:45AM CDT DWC 2-11 "The Fright Stuff"19 July 11PM, Late 24 July 3AM CDT 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 219 July 11:45PM, Late 24 July 3:45AM CDT DWC 2-12 "Welcome To Torchwood"26 July 11PM, Late 31 July 3AM CDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 226 July 11:46PM, Late 31 July 3:46AM CDT DWC 2-13 "Finale"2 August 10PM CDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (Series 3 Begins)WILL 12.1 Champaign/Urbana, IL DirecTV 12Chicago Dish 12,7407Peoria, IL - cable stationSeries 3 - 2nd Cycle:Saturday 10:30PM, Sunday 6PM CDT 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2Saturday 11:18PM, Sunday 6:48PM CDT DWC 3-04 "A New York Story"18 July 10:30PM, 19 July 6PM CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 218 July 11:18PM, 19 July 6:48PM CDT DWC 3-05 "Making Manhattan"25 July 10:30PM, 26 July 6PM CDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"25 July 11:15PM, 26 July 6:45PM CDT DWC 3-06 "Monsters Inc."WILL has the right to air Series 2 one more time before March 31, 2010.WTVP 47.1 Peoria, IL DirecTV 47 DirecTVHD 47Peoria Dish 47,7756Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:Saturday 11PM CDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"18 July 11PM CDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"25 July 11PM CDT 3-03 "Gridlock"WTVP has the right to air Series 2 two more times before March 31, 2010.IPTV Iowa 11.1, 32.1, 27.1, 12.1, 36.1, 21.1, 32.1, 24.1, 36.1 Moines DirecTV 11,474 DesMoines DirecTVHD 11Des Moines Dish 11,9116Cedar Rapids DirecTV 12 Cedar Rapids DirecTVHD 12Cedar Rapids Dish 11,9161Omaha DirecTV 32Omaha Dish 11,9146Sioux City Dish 27,7195Quad Cities DirecTV 36 Quad Cities DirecTVHD 36Quad Cities Dish 36,7607Rochester, MN DirecTV 24,904Rochester, MN Dish 11,8247Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:Saturday 11:05PM CDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 2Saturday 11:48PM CDT DWC 3-09 "Bad Blood"18 July 11:05PM CDT 3-10 "Blink"18 July 11:48PM CDT DWC 3-10 "Do You Remember The First Time?"25 July 11:05PM CDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 325 July 11:51PM CDT DWC 3-11 "'Ello 'Ello 'Ello"1 August 11:05PM CDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 31 August 11:51PM CDT DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"8 August 11:05PM CDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (EditedInternational Version?)8 August 11:55PM CDT DWC 3-13 "The Valient Quest" (late start time - need tocontact IPTV and ask if this means good news)15 August 11:05PM CDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones" (Start of 3rd Cycle)15 August 11:50PM CDT DWC 3-01 "Meet Martha Jones"22 August - pre-empted by Fair 2009 coverage29 August 11:05PM CDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"29 August 11:50PM CDT DWC 3-02 "Stage Fright"Iowa Public TV has the right to air Series 2 one more time before March 31,2010.Ozark Public TV 21.1, 26.1 Springfield/Joplin, MO DirecTV 21Springfield Dish 21,7226Joplin Dish 26,7873Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:Saturday 9:30PM CDT 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 218 July 9:30PM CDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 225 July 9:30PM CDT 2-01 "New Earth" (Start of 4th/Final Cycle - you stillhaven't aired Series 3)OETA Oklahoma 13.1, 11.1, 3.1 City, OK DirecTV 13 DirecTVHD 13Oklahoma City, OK Dish 13,8896Tulsa, OK DirecTV 11Tulsa, OK Dish 11,8926Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:Friday 10:24PM CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 224 July 10:24PM CDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"OETA has the right to 1 more showing of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.Idaho Public TV 4.1, 10.1, 13.1, 26.1 DirecTV 4Boise Dish 4,7141Idaho Falls Dish 10,7746Twin Falls Dish 13,8807Spokane, WA DirecTV 26Spokane, WA Dish 26,9178Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:Saturday 11PM MDT/PDT 3-10 "Blink"Saturday 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-10 "Do You Remember The First Time?"18 July 11PM MDT/PDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 318 July 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-11 "'Ello 'Ello 'Ello"25 July 11PM MDT/PDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 325 July 11:46PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"1 August 11PM MDT/PDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (EditedInternational Version)1 August 11:46PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-13 "The Valiant Quest"8 August 11PM MDT/PDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (61 minutes)15 August 11PM MDT/PDT 2-01 "New Earth" (Start of Series 2 Cycle 3)15 August 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 2-01 "New New Doctor"22 August 11PM MDT/PDT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"22 August 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 2-02 "Fear Factor"29 August 11PM MDT/PDT 2-03 "School Reunion"29 August 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 2-03 "Friends Reunited"Idaho Public TV has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March 31,2010.KBTC/KCKA 28.1, 15.1 Tacoma/Centralia, WA DirecTV 28,970Seattle Dish 28,8620Saturday 7PM and Midnight PDT "Earthshock" pts 3 and 4 of 4Classic Season 19, Episodes 21 through 22. Doctor: Peter Davison.18 July 7PM and Midnight PDT "Time-Flight" pts 1 and 225 July 7PM and Midnight PDT "Time-Flight" pts 3 and 4KTEH/KQED.DT2/KQET.DT2 54.1, 9.2, 25.2 San Jose/San Francisco/Monterey, CA Francisco DirecTV 54,903San Francisco Dish 54,8234Series 2 - 4th/Final Cycle:Sunday 11PM, Monday 5AM PDT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"Saturday 11:47PM, Monday 5:47AM PDT DWC 2-02 "Fear Factor"19 July 11PM, 20 July 5AM PDT 2-03 "School Reunion"19 July 11:47PM, 20 July 5:47AM PDT DWC 2-03 "Friends Reunited"26 July 11PM, 27 July 5AM PDT 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"26 July 11:47PM, 27 July 5:47AM PDT DWC 2-04 "From Script To Screen"2 and 3 August - pre-empted by pledge drivesVisit their blog site linked above for information on their recent YouTubecompetition. The winner (whose entry is prominent on the site) got the grandprize of hosting a future 4 episode New Series Doctor Who marathon, hosting 5minute introductions to each episode!!! All the entries are available for thepublic to see. Now KTEH - where is Series 3?Alaska One 9.1, 3.1 most of Alaska - unclear if it reaches AnchorageFairbanks, AK DirecTV 9 DirecTVHD 9Fairbanks, AK Dish 7,8297 DishHD 5646Juneau, AK DirecTV 3Juneau, AK Dish 3,9383 DishHD 5704Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:Sunday 11PM, Thursday 8PM and 2AM 2-03 "School Reunion"Sunday 11:45PM, Thursday 8:45PM and 2:45AM DWC 2-03 "Friends Reunited"19 July 11PM, 23 July 8PM and 2AM 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"19 July 11:45PM, 23 July 8:45PM and 2:45AM DWC 2-04 "From Script To Screen"Alaska One has the right to air Series 3 additional times.

This Week In Doctor Who SpinoffsJuly 11, 2009 - Volume 1, Number 28The weekly guide to Sarah Jane Smith broadcasts, podcasts, and other Benjamin F. Elliott network Nickelodeon reaches new to Australia episodes of The SarahJane Adventures this Tuesday at 7:30PM. Episodes continues weekdays, with mostof them repeating in late night and a Sunday evening weekly repeat at 7:30PM.Still waiting for an airdate for K9. Guess it's going to be a while.Sarah Jane Stations:HONG KONG:ATV World 18 July 8AM 6b. "The Lost Boy" pt 2 of 2AUSTRALIA:Nickelodeon Australia times Australian Eastern.Sunday 7:30PM 2a. "Revenge Of The Slitheen" pt 1 of 2Monday 7:30PM and 3:10AM 6b. "The Lost Boy" pt 2 of 2Series 2 premieres with a weeknight runTuesday 7:30PM and 3AM 7a. "The Last Sontaran" pt 1 of 2Wednesday 7:30PM and 3AM 7b. "The Last Sontaran" pt 2 of 2Thursday 7:30PM and 3AM 8a. "Day Of The Clown" pt 1 of 2Friday 7:30PM 8b. "Day Of The Clown" pt 2 of 219 July 7:30PM 2b. "Revenge Of The Slitheen" pt 2 of 220 July 7:30PM and 3AM 9a. "Secrets Of The Stars" pt 1 of 221 July 7:30PM and 3AM 9b. "Secrets Of The Stars" pt 2 of 222 July 7:30PM and 3AM 10a. "The Mark Of The Berserker" pt 1 of 223 July 7:30PM and 3AM 10b. "The Mark Of The Berserker" pt 2 of 224 July 7:30PM 11a. "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" pt 1 of 2projected:26 July 7:30PM 3a. "Eye Of The Gorgon" pt 1 of 227 July 7:30PM 11b. "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" pt 2 of 228 July 7:30PM 12a. "Enemy Of The Bane" pt 1 of 229 July 7:30PM 12b. "Enemy Of The Bane" pt 2 of 2K9 - Coming later 2009 (or early 2010, by some reports). Network Ten inAustralia and Jetix/DisneyXD in the UK are expected to air it. Otherbroadcasters unknown. 26 episodes in this first batch.ONLINE RADIO SHOWS/PODCASTS:This section is always open to discovering new Doctor Who/SarahJane/K9/Torchwood material of note. If you think your webcast/podcast (orsomebody else's) belongs in this section, e-mail me.Doctor Who: Podshock Talkshoe broadcasts - in number (724) 444-7444 call id 233581) Home to the longest continuously running weekly-ish international Doctor Whochat show done in podcast format. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and JamesNaughton, with frequent contributions/co-hosting by Dave AC, Mike Doran, and acast of many. There is a feed for studio shows and a feed for live shows.2) Also home to the Sonic Newsdriver, Louis Trapani's periodic rundown of newDoctor Who news.3) Also home to the Hitch-hiker's Guide To British Sci-Fi, a podcast covering amix of shows, including Doctor Who.Current episode:-Podshock Episode 155 - Proper review of Power Of The Daleks. Mike Doran returnsto discuss the aftermath of Who Party 14. Lots of feedback, incluing a mentionfrom Samantha on what she's been up to, and why she has missed some CIA episodesand her own podcast.Radio Free Skaro 3 Canadians (Warren, Steven, Chris) get together on the weekends for aboutan hour or more to discuss the latest in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Janein a fairly amusing manner. When one is away, the 4th Canadian (Katrina) willplay.Slightly Back A Ways:There were actually *2* episode 147s for Radio Free Skaro. The one I heard (theone supplied by iTunes) had original hosts Warren and Steven and went asdescribed last week. But some people heard a different 147 hosted by ChrisBurgess, Katrina, and a Londoner named Chris (a Two Chris special event). It wasslightly longer but also interesting. To the amusement and horror of team RadioFree Skaro, either nobody caught on to the stunt, or we were all too polite tosay anything. They came clean with the double episode just minutes after ThisWeek was published, so got no credit last time. So, round of applause forputting out two podcasts for the work and effort of one. If you missed one (orboth) of episode 147, all the sites that carry the podcast should now have bothversions.Current episode:#148 - "Boom Town Rats" - Warren, Steven, and Chris do not share my concept fromthe preview that episode 11s are always episode of meditation and reflection.Warren is attacked by a Skypeovore. Boom Town is reviewed.Coming Soon:#149 - "Dr. Strangewarren, Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love TheTorchwood" - We know from twitter posts that the Radio Free Skaro team have been"surprised" by Torchwood Series 3. You know Katrina (big Torchwood fan) wants tobe in on this episode and hear their reactions to Children Of Earth. Meanwhile,they are reviewing Bad Wolf, the Doctor Who episode where "Torchwood" ismentioned for the very first time. If you have seen the new Torchwood episodes,this is likely to be a must listen to episode. If you are waiting for the DVD orthe BBC America/SPACE airings of the Torchwood episodes, this is likely to be amust keep unlistened to on the computer for a little while episode.#150 - "We Want Cake" - Around July 19, Radio Free Skaro records their official150th episode. They want something special. Clearly they need all of us to sendthem audio feedback so they get to do some editing. ;) How about it? That willalso be the episode where they look at The Parting Of The Ways and say goodbyeto their review cycle for Christopher Eccleston.And on Sunday July 26:Commentary on "Planet Of The Dead", scheduled by coincidence just a few hoursafter SPACE's premiere of the episode in Canada and just a few hours before BBCAmerica's premiere of the episode in the USA.DWO Whocast from Australia and Marty from the UK talk Doctor Who with themselves,others, and teddy bears dressed as doctors. Now with a rock version of theopening theme, the Whocast continues to ask the questions that pop in to theirheads. Regular correspondent - James. Frequent guest - Michael of the Tin Dogpodcast.Current episodes:#127 - Christopher Eccleston, part 3 of 3. September 2003 - Doctor Who's returnis announced. March 2004 - Christopher Eccleston is announced as the new Doctor,breaking all expectations. March 2005 - Eccleston's episodes premiere, and theworld is electrified. The Whocast team look at Eccleston's impact on Doctor Who.This time - episode by episode. Father's Day through The Parting Of The Waysconcludes the Whocast's loving look back at the distant era of ChristopherEccleston. A scant four years ago.#128 - Big Finish reviews. Several new 7th Doctor audios get reviewed along withSeries 2 of The Iris Wildthyme Adventures. Guess Steven Taylor is no longer theonly person in the Doctor Who universe to travel around with a panda bear.Includes an interview with the writer of the Iris Wildthyme Series 2 finale,whose name I would have here if I wasn't really behind on writing this bit.Looks like there will be a Torchcast episode in the future put out on theWhocast feed looking at Children Of Earth.Coming Soon:#129 - What food will Trevor eat during the next recording special? And will heand James discuss the reviews they did for Two Minute Time Lord?Tin Dog Podcast based podcast looking at the latest in Doctor Who, Torchwood, or Sarah JaneAdventures. New episodes ever 2 weeks or so.Current episodes:#95a, b, c, d, e - Michael was doing mini-episodes on a daily basis reviewingthe Torchwood: Children Of Earth episodes. Segments A to D (Days One throughFour) were online as I wrote the column. Based on comments in A, these willprobably be reissued as a full length single episode later.CIA - Cultdom In Audio Talkshoe broadcasts in number (724) 444-7444 call id 30659West, Dave AC, Ian, and other Doctor Who fans liked the live Doctor Who:Podshocks so much that they wanted to keep talking afterwards. The resultingshow covers Doctor Who, anything else sci-fi related, and can go wildly off inall directions. Show founder West has alerted Dave AC and Colin that he willreturn full time to hosting duties with episode 101. Chats open 15 minutesbefore the scheduled start time.Current episode - 97. Primeval and Ashes To Ashes - slight change in topic fromwhat I expected when I listed the episode last week. Much discussion of Primeval(Series 1 to 3) and Ashes To Ashes (largely Series 2).Upcoming episodes (titles and topics subject to change):Sunday 2PM EDT/11AM PDT/7PM BST - 98. Another Award Winning Topicand on Sunday 26 July - the real 100th episode. Dave AC and Colin retire as theregular guest hosts. Meanwhile, the show remembers its past and plans for thefuture.Cultdom (final title for show to be determinedLive Talkshoe Broadcasts in number (724) 444-7444 call id 54821Dave AC and Ian (goes by The 6th Doctor, but he's not Colin, no siree) haveguest hosted CIA so much that they developed a taste for doing it themselves. Sothey are launching their own show starting Sunday 2 August. Now the two showswill be side by side, one after the other for twice the chatting on twice thetopics. Chats open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.Upcoming episode:2 August 3:30PM EDT/12:30PM PDT/8:30PM BST - 1. No title/topic yet. Based on theannounced day and time, this is where the new show should be.Two Minute Time Lord bite-sized commentary and revew show. Host Chip's interest was rekindled bythe 2005 revival. He believes in balancing old fandom and new viewers, respectfor the past and breaking the rules. He tries to keep his pontifications to 120seconds, because we're ALL in a hurry these days.Current Episodes:#36 - Review - Torchwood Radio Play - The Dead Line. The third of 3 newTorchwood radio plays - same as the first two.#37 - Doctor Who vs. American Culture? - Why Doctor Who's format and showconceit may make it a tough sell to the US mainstream.#38 - (Spoiler Free) Guest Host Mark Goodacre reviews Torchwood: Children OfEarth: Day One: Part One.#39 - James from The DWO Whocast reviews Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day One:Part One.#40 - Trevor from Fantragic/MMM Commentaries and the DWO Whocast reviewsTorchwood: Children Of Earth: Day One: Part One (Australian perspective)#41 - (Spoiler Filled) James from The DWO Whocast reviews Torchwood: Children OfEarth: Day Two: Part Two.#42 - James from The DWO Whocast reviews Torchwood: Children Of Earth: DayThree: Part Three with a critical eye.#43 - Mark Goodacre reviews Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day Three: Part Threewith a positive eye.#44 - (Spoiler Filled, Very Filled, Brim Filled) James from The DWO Whocastreacts to the plots twists in Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day Four: Part Four.#45 - Mark Goodacre claims to have a spoiler free review of Torchwood: ChildrenOf Earth: Day Four: Part Four. I haven't heard Mark's yet, but how did he do aspoiler free review that ran more than 15 seconds (most of that for the TwoMinute Time Lord theme tune)?#46 - (Spoiler Filled - Listen At Own Risk) James from The DWO Whocastexperiences Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day Five: Part Five.#47 - Mark Goodacre looks at Torchwood: Children Of Earth: Day Five: Part Five.This is expected to be the end of this round of reviews.Coming Soon:Normalcy in Our Time! Chip is preparing an interview with Tony Lee, who works onIDW's range of Doctor Who comics.Staggering Stories wild, wandering podcast with Doctor Who and the other flavours of the momentwinding together roughly once every 2 weeks. The website's main focus is onstories collected through the years.Current:Episode 49 - "Daleks Are Special, Too" - Without Fake Keith - Andy, Adam, Keith,and Jean find that they like having Fake Keith around. The team look extensivelyat the Daleks, examine some escape pod discs, read out the review of a classicforgotten TV series "Legend", more news, actually read the feedback, and promisethat they will not review Torchwood: Children Of Earth until after it airs inthe USA and Canada. (New Zealand, South Africa, and all parts of the world notcalled the UK, Australia, USA, or Canada - you're on your own.)Probably recording this weekend but not coming out till the 19th or 20th -Episode 50. "Did Somebody Call For An Anniversary Special" - if you're givingfeedback for their 50th episode party, you should probably send it in now beforethey record. I predict some voices from the past and future will pop up.Personally, I think they'd love audio feedback if you can do it - rest theirvoices.The Flashing Blade Podcast Gallichan returns to podcast land with new podcaster Jo! to look at DoctorWho and matters of interest. Tony grew up with UK fandom and knows all thecliches. Jo! - didn't. Flashing Blade wants to be known as the podcast thatwould like a nice cup of tea.Current episode - 5. Jo! and the Tony discover the mystical Spacegoat. 1001 usesfor a Nick Briggs competition is underway. Review of the Terrible Zodin fanzine.A Big Finish play and the TV story "Genesis Of The Daleks" get reviewed.Coming soon - 6. Already recorded by now, this episode promises to look at theBig Finish "The Cannibalists" and some obscure Doctor Who story called "BlackOrchid".The Minute Doctor Who Podcast (sometimes just audio) podcast looking at Doctor Who projects. Episodesare usually under 5 minutes long.Current episode - 17 (audio episode). Doctor Who Mastermind, Series 1, Episode1. Extended episode (nearly 12 minutes long). Luke starts a competition based onthe popular UK quiz show Mastermind. First up - Tony Gallichan. Coming in lateJuly (Luke's on vacation till then) - more of these installments. Try to guesswhich people were crazy enough to volunteer.Doctor Who Review Today in number (724) 444-7444 talkshoe id 22756Live editions Late Fridays 1AM EDT/10PM PDT/6AM BST every couple of weeksRobert Carrie King reviews Doctor Who topics (DVDs and news, mostly) on thisTalkshoe program. Frequent cast member on CIA: Cultdom In Audio.Most recent episode - July 3/4. Episode 38. Full Circle and The Empty Child comeunder scrutiny in this DVD review episode.The Tennantcast, Kari, and friends get together to dish on the latest David Tennant news.8 - David Tennant's co-starring role in the film Einstein and Eddingtondominates this episode. They are going through Tennant's non-Doctor Who rolesone at a time, though his Doctor Who stuff continues to pop up in each show. Ibelieve I have given them an idea for a TV role of Tennant's to review in thefuture, actually. It's one that longtime Doctor Who fans, especially in the UK,should remember, but probably don't.Keeping an eye out - still no sign of the next episode, but Samantha has atleast hinted on Podshock and CIA that there may be new episodes soon. Hmm.The Wailing Fangirl (Romana 2) explores Doctor Who and fandom in Australia, sometimes withthe aid of the ladies of the Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade. Frequent cast memberon CIA: Cultdom In Audio.Current episode - 8. A look at the First Doctor's Era.Coming soon - they were planning to gush poetically when Planet Of The Deadarrived. Planet has aired in Australia, so you never know when the GallifreyanTime Love Brigade will strike.A Podcast Of Impossible Things Doctor Who fans get together to discuss the latest Doctor Who anddo a full length commentary on new Doctor Who episodes.Current episode:Interview with Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto Jones). Spoiler free interviewconducted in November and put on the podcast feed now.Bigger On The Inside and Dan decide to do their own podcast exploring each Doctor Who story inbroadcast order. It is a very different style from Jonathan's. Again - can theypull it off? Part of the Earth-2 family of podcasts. Warning - explicit language(swearing). If your headphones leak any sound at all - do not listen at work.Current episode - 16 - The Savages and The War Machines. Exit Steven Taylor,with fanfare. Exit Dodo Chaplet, without fanfare. A largely forgotten story andthe first story that hints at the UNIT sagas to come. Fresh meat for our hoststo sink their teeth into.Coming this weekend:Episode 17 - The Smugglers and The Tenth Planet. Mike sees the first Doctorregenerate for the first time.****Alas, poor Whovian QuestA Whovian's Quest Rainer is podcasting his experiences as he watches Doctor Who. Inoriginal broadcast order. From 1963. Without a gap. Can he pull it off?The Whovian Quest website is offline, and no new episodes have arrived inmonths. I have enjoyed the show, and really wanted to hear it get through theseries. Does anybody know if Jonathan is continuing? I'm serious, guys.Hoo On Who reviews of recent Doctor Who DVDs by David Hooie, frequently with a guestco-host.Current episode - #10. Pyramids Of Mars, reviewed with guest host James Naughtonof Doctor Who: Podshock. Now all 3 official Podshock hosts have appeared.Tim's Take On ...Tim Drury's podcast on various issues. Still checking it out at press time.Available on iTunes.The Big Finish Podcast Finish podcasts at least once a month to discuss their Doctor Who and otherprojects (Sapphire and Steel, Stargate (!), Dark Shadows, Bernice Summerfield,etc).Current episode - June magazine episode. Nicholas Briggs updates us with thenewest information from Big Finish about their present and future.Tachyon TV and irreverant podcast looking at the world of Doctor Who with afunhouse mirror and coming out the other side holding a plush toy that wasn'treally the one you wanted but you'll keep it anyway because you can give it toyour girlfriend to impress her. It's that kind of show.Current segment - a short appeal by "Rula Lenska".MMM Commentaries/Fantragic Australian podcasting gang, including Trevor from the DWO Whocast.Commentaries on Doctor Who episodes, Star Wars films, some Stargate stuff, andothers. The Frantragic episodes look at Doctor Who and other sci-fi news.Fantragic episodes are on a different iTunes feed from MMM Commentary episodes.Current episode - Journey's End. If the description in the iTunes tag isanything to go by, this running commentary on the Doctor Who Series 4 finalewill not have a happy ending..The Two Doctors in number (718) 664-9807Jim Iaccino and Kenn Gold look at the latest SciFi broadcasts in the US, withemphasis on fitting in Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe,Torchwood, and the other big scifi shows of the moment. Everything is based onUS premiere dates rather than UK. Approximately 90 minutes per episode. Showairs live with a text chat and can be downloaded later.Current episode - Harper's Island, Virtuality, other new shows, and the USpremiere of The Next Doctor were discussed. And sometimes you just figure you'retoo close to some issues, so I'll leave it at that.Next episode - Late Sunday Midnight EDT/9PM PDT/Monday 5AM BSTTV Talk Radio 6 to 8PM EDT (3 to 5PM PDT) [Friday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT]Shaun O'Mac Daily (of the Jericho "nuts" campaign) hosts a daily 2 hour showcovering all things TV. Doctor Who is sometimes discussed in the 2nd hour of theFriday show with Two Doctors co-host Kenn Gold. Listen and chat live through thewebsite with archives appearing right after the show finishes.

Torchwood This WeekJuly 11, 2009 - Volume 3, Number 28The weekly guide to Torchwood Benjamin F. Elliott Children Of Earth - it happened!UK Premiere - Already happened. Got really great ratings (around 6 million pernight - see for the numbers as they comein) - the British public liked it. The British public also spoiled some majorplotlines on twitter and subject lines of random youtube videos - beware if yousurf the web. Episodes are on iPlayer for a few more days. Weekly repeats on BBCThree starting Friday. Weekly repeats on BBC HD starting 21 July.Australia premiere - Already happened. Weekly repeats on UKTV Australia startingTuesday.USA Premiere - Monday 20 July 9PM EDT on BBC AmericaCanada Premiere - Monday 20 July 10PM EDT on SPACE(new info) UK Military Premiere - Friday 24 July 9:35PM CET on BFBS 1 (weeklyrun, it appears)BBC America in the USA and SPACE in Canada will air Children Of Earth on thesame 5 days - Monday 20 July to Friday 24 July.SPACE goes first cause this is easier:First showing - 10PM Eastern all 5 days (75 minutes including commercials)Second showing - 2:15AM Eastern all 5 days (75 minutes including commercials)BBC America:(times are approximate on BBC America)Inside The Hub special - Monday 20 July at 8PM and 11PM and 1:30AM Eastern(edited repeat Sunday 2 July at 1PM Eastern)Full length versions of episodes - weeknights at 9PM and Midnight and 2:30AMEastern (75 minutes including commercials)Inside Look - documentaries on each episode - weeknights at 10:15PM and 1:15AMand 3:45AM Eastern (15 minutes)Edited versions of episodes - weeknights at 8PM and 11PM and 1:30AM Eastern (60minutes including commercials the next weekday)Marathon repeat - Sunday 26 July from 1:45PM Eastern (the extended broadcasts).Ends 8PM.Doctor Who schedule information is in This Week In Doctor Who .Corrections and updates are welcome at , TWIDWon AIM, , and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.Torchwood Website - America 264 Dish 135,879 16:9 Letterbox format.Series 3 "Children Of Earth" airs the week of 20 to 24 July as part of thelaunch of BBC America HD. BBC America is the exclusive home for Torchwood's 3rdSeries in the USA - HD Net US will not be able to show those episodes.-Saturday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-12 "Fragments"-18 July 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-13 "Exit Wounds"-20 July 8PM, 11PM, and 1:30AM EDT/5PM, 8PM, and 10:30PM PDT "Inside The Hub"(behind the scenes special, full 60 minute version)-20 July 9PM and Midnight and 2:30AM EDT/6PM and 9PM and 11:30PM PDT, 26 July1:45PM EDT/10:45AM PDT 3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 5 (75 minute version, USApremiere)-20 July 10:15PM and 1:15AM and 3:45AM EDT/7:15PM and 10:15PM and 12:45AM PDT"Inside Look" pt 1 of 5 (15 minutes)-21 July 8PM and 11PM and 1:30AM EDT/5PM and 8PM and 10:30PM PDT 3-01 "Day One"pt 1 of 5 (60 minute abridged version)-21 July 9PM and Midnight and 2:30AM EDT/6PM and 9PM and 11:30PM PDT, 26 July3PM EDT/Noon PDT 3-02 "Day Two" pt 2 of 5 (75 minute version)-21 July 10:15PM and 1:15AM and 3:45AM EDT/7:15PM and 10:15PM and 12:45AM PDT"Inside Look" pt 2 of 5 (15 minutes)-22 July 8PM and 11PM and 1:30AM EDT/5PM and 8PM and 10:30PM PDT 3-02 "Day Two"pt 2 of 5 (60 minute abridged version)-22 July 9PM and Midnight and 2:30AM EDT/6PM and 9PM and 11:30PM PDT, 26 July4:15PM EDT/1:15PM PDT 3-03 "Cay Three" pt 3 of 5 (75 minute version)-22 July 10:15PM and 1:15AM and 3:45AM EDT/7:15PM and 10:15PM and 12:45AM PDT"Inside Look" pt 3 of 5 (15 minutes)-23 July 8PM and 11PM and 1:30AM EDT/5PM and 8PM and 10:30PM PDT 3-03 "DayThree" pt 3 of 5 (60 minute abridged version)-23 July 9PM and Midnight and 2:30AM EDT/6PM and 9PM and 11:30PM PDT, 26 July5:30PM EDT/2:30PM PDT 3-04 "Day Four" pt 4 of 5 (75 minute version)-23 July 10:15PM and 1:15AM and 3:45AM EDT/7:15PM and 10:15PM and 12:45AM PDT"Inside Look" pt 4 of 5 (15 minutes)-24 July 8PM and 11PM and 1:30AM EDT/5PM and 8PM and 10:30PM PDT 3-04 "Day Four"pt 4 of 5 (60 minute abridged version)-24 July 9PM and Midnight and 2:30AM EDT/6PM and 9PM and 11:30PM PDT, 26 July6:45PM EDT/3:45PM PDT 3-05 "Day Five" pt 5 of 5 (75 minute version)-24 July 10:15PM and 1:15AM and 3:45AM EDT/7:15PM and 10:15PM and 12:45AM PDT"Inside Look" pt 5 of 5 (15 minutes)-26 July 1PM EDT/10AM PDT "Inside The Hub" (45 minute edited encore)USA - BBC America On Demand - available on better digital cable systemsFull length episodes (no cuts for time). Content edits made for BBC America TVbroadcasts (language, violence, nudity) will be present in this version.-Online now through 26 July:Children Of Earth Preview2-12 "Fragments"2-13 "Exit Wounds"-Beginning 21 July:3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 5-Begining 22 July:3-02 "Day Two" pt 2 of 5-Beginning 23 July:3-03 "Day Three" pt 3 of 5-Beginning 24 July:3-04 "Day Four" pt 4 of 5-Beginning 25 July:3-05 "Day Five" pt 5 of 5CANADA:SPACE letterbox. Repeat run. Series 3 (Children Of Earth) premieres in July.Episodes are available to view online (in Canada) for one week after their mostrecent broadcast courtesy the Spacecast website.Tuesday 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 1-04 "Cyberwoman"20 July 10PM and 2:15AM EDT/7PM and 11:15PM PDT 3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 5 (75minutes) (new episodes)21 July 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 1-05 "Small Worlds"21 July 10PM and 2:15AM EDT/7PM and 11:15PM PDT 3-02 "Day Two" pt 2 of 5 (75minutes)22 July 10PM and 2:15AM EDT/7PM and 11:15PM PDT 3-03 "Day Three" pt 3 of 5 (75minutes)23 July 10PM and 2:15AM EDT/7PM and 11:15PM PDT 3-04 "Day Four" pt 4 of 5 (75minutes)24 July 10PM and 2:15AM EDT/7PM and 11:15PM PDT 3-05 "Day Five" pt 5 of 5 (75minutes)28 July 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 1-06 "Countrycide"HD Net Canada, uncut episodes in High Definition (not the same schedule as HD NetUS).Monday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-11 "Combat"Tuesday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-12 "Captain Jack Harkness"Wednesday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 1-13 "End Of Days"Thursday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"Friday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-02 "Sleeper"20 July 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-03 "To The Last Man"21 July 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-04 "Meat"22 July 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-05 "Adam"23 July 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-06 "Reset"24 July 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-07 "Dead Man Walking"Ztele on Ztele HD, Dubbed in French. Now in repeats.Tuesday 10PM, Thursday 8PM EDT 2-08 "La Vie Apres La Mort" (A Day In The Death)21 July 10PM, 23 July 8PM EDT 2-09 "La Mere Porteuse" (Something Borrowed)28 July 10PM, 30 July 8PM EDT 2-10 "Le Dernier Souffle" (From Out Of The Rain)4 August 10PM, 6 August 8PM EDT 2-11 "Envers Et Contre Tours" (Adrift)11 August 10PM, 13 August 8PM EDT 2-12 "Adrift" (Adrift)18 August 10PM, 20 August 8PM EDT 2-13 "La Faille" (Exit Wounds)ASIA (Regional Channel):BBC Entertainment times Korean - adjust for local time zone. Subtitles available in Chineseand Korean.Sunday 5:25PM 2-13 "Exit Wounds" (end of first run)GERMANY:RTL2 1 and 2, 65 minute time slotWednesday 10:05PM and 3:30AM CET 2-06 "Reset"22 July 10:05PM and 4:15AM CET 2-07 "Dead Man Walking"POLAND:BBC Entertainment in Polish. First run episodes:Tuesday 10PM and 1:15AM CET 2-07 "Dead Man Walking"21 July 10PM and 1:15AM CET 2-08 "A Day In The Death"28 July 10PM and 1:15AM CET 2-09 "Something Borrowed"NETHERLANDS:SciFi 2 firstrun:Sunday 7:40PM CET 2-05 "Adam"Wednesday 9:20PM, Friday 11PM, 19 July 7:40PM CET 2-06 "Reset"22 July 9:20PM, 24 July 11PM, 26 July 7:40PM CET 2-07 "Dead Man Walking"29 July 9:20PM, 31 July 11PM, 2 August 7:40PM CET 2-08 "A Day In The Death"5 August 9:20PM, 7 August 11PM, 9 August 7:40PM CET 2-09 "Something Borrowed"12 August 9:20PM, 14 August 11PM, 16 August 7:40PM CET 2-10 "From Out Of TheRain"19 August 9:20PM, 21 August 11PM, 23 August 7:40PM CET 2-11 "Adrift"26 August 9:20PM, 28 August 11PM, 30 August 7:40PM CET 2-12 "Fragments"SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES (Northern Europe):BBC Entertainment 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-06 "Countrycide"20 July 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"27 July 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-08 "They Keep Killing Suzie"3 August 10PM and 1:05AM and 4:40AM CET 1-09 "Random Shoes"10 August 10:05PM and 1:10AM and 4:50AM CET 1-10 "Out Of Time"17 August 10PM and 1:05AM and 4:40AM CET 1-11 "Combat"24 August 10PM and 1:05AM and 4:40AM CET 1-12 "Captain Jack Harkness"31 August 10PM and 1:05AM and 4:40AM CET 1-13 "End Of Days"MILITARY:BFBS 1:24 July 9:35PM CET 3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 5 (military premiere, airing weekly)UK:BBC Three Three (Children Of Earth) has a Friday night repeat run.Friday 9PM and 1:15AM BST 3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 524 July 9PM and 1:15AM BST 3-02 "Day Two" pt 2 of 531 July 9PM and 1:45AM BST 3-03 "Day Three" pt 3 of 5BBC HD Three (Children Of Earth). Tuesday night repeat run.21 July 10PM BST 3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 528 July 10PM BST 3-02 "Day Two" pt 2 of 5BBC One Three (Children Of Earth) completed. Deserves to return if the ratingscount for anything.Watch hour later on Watch +1.Late 18 July 12:15AM BST 1-06 "Countrycide"25 July 10:50PM BST 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"27 July 7PM BST 2-01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"28 July 7PM BST 2-02 "Sleeper"29 July 7PM BST 2-03 "To The Last Man"30 July 7PM BST 2-04 "Meat"31 July 7PM BST 2-05 "Adam"1 August 7PM BST 1 episode1 August 10:45PM BST 1 episode2 August 7PM BST 1 episode2 August 10:45PM BST 1 episode3 August 7PM BST 1 episode4 August 7PM BST 1 episode5 August 7PM BST 1 episode6 August 7PM BST 1 episode8 August 7PM BST 1 episode10 August 7PM BST 1 episode11 August 7PM BST 1 episodeAUSTRALIA:UKTV Australia times 2 hours later on UKTV +2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.Series 3 has the subtitle "Children Of Earth".Sunday 11:30AM 3-05 "Day Five" pt 5 of 5Tuesday 8:30PM and 1:30AM, Wednesday 10:30AM 3-01 "Day One" pt 1 of 5 (repeatrun)21 July 8:30PM and 1:30AM, 22 July 10:30AM 3-02 "Day Two" pt 2 of 528 July 8:30PM and 1:30AM, 29 July 10:30AM 3-03 "Day Three" pt 3 of 5BBC HD Australia run. Times listed are Australian Eastern.-Sunday 6AM, Late Sunday 2:20AM, Monday 5:15PM, Tuesday 1:25PM, Wednesday 9:35AM1-05 "Small Worlds"-Sunday 1PM 3-01 "Children Of Earth: Day One" pt 1 of 5-Sunday 2PM 3-02 "Children Of Earth: Day Two" pt 2 of 5-Sunday 3PM 3-03 "Children Of Earth: Day Three" pt 3 of 5-Sunday 4PM 3-04 "Children Of Earth: Day Four" pt 4 of 5-Sunday 5PM 3-05 "Children Of Earth: Day Five" pt 5 of 5-Sunday 7:30PM and 4:05AM, Late Monday 12:30AM, Tuesday 3:15PM, Wednesday11:25AM, Thursday 7:35AM, Saturday 18 July 9:30PM, 19 July 6:05AM, Late 19 July2:30AM, 20 July 4:45PM, 21 July 1:35PM, 22 July 9:25AM 1-06 "Countrycide"-19 July 7:30PM and 4:15AM, Late 20 July 12:30AM, 21 July 3:15PM, 22 July11:10AM, 23 July 7:10AM 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"ABC2 Australia 1 and 2 - now on the ABC.Friday 8:30PM 1-05 "Small Worlds"24 July 8:30PM 1-06 "Countrycide"31 July 8:30PM 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"RUSSIA:SciFi Russia times MoscowLate Saturday 12:10AM, Sunday 9PM 1-05 "Small Worlds"Late Saturday 1:05AM, Sunday 9:55PM 1-06 "Countrycide"Late 18 July 12:15AM, 19 July 9PM 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"Late 18 July 1:10AM, 19 July 9:55PM 1-08 "They Keep Killing Suzie"Late 25 July 12:50AM, 26 July 9PM 1-09 "Random Shoes"Late 25 July 1:45AM, 26 July 9:55PM 1-10 "Out Of Time"SWEDEN:TV4 Science Fiction 1 and 2 repeats now on the dedicated SciFi ChannelSunday 11:05PM and 2:15AM CET 1-06 "Countrycide"Wednesday 9PM, 19 July 11:10PM and 2:20AM CET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"MEXICO/LATIN AMERICA/SOUTH AMERICA:BBC Entertainment 5PM, Early Sunday 5AM, Sunday Noon 1-12 "Captain Jack Harkness"Tuesday 11PM and 2AM, Early Wednesday 5AM, Wednesday 3PM, 18 July 5PM, Early 19July 5AM, 19 July Noon 1-13 "End Of Days"21 July 11PM and 2AM, Early 22 July 5AM, 22 July 3PM, 25 July 5PM, Early 26 July5AM, 26 July Noon 1-01 "Everything Changes"28 July 11PM and 2AM, Early 29 July 5AM, 29 July 3PM, 1 August 5PM, Early 2August 5AM, 2 August Noon 1-02 "Day One"ITALY:Jimmy run, Series 1 and 2. Two episode block airing multiple times each week.Alert - Jimmy is putting out very incomplete schedules, with no way to determinethe correct times. Based on the schedules before they started this, thenepisodes 2-02 "Sleeper" and 2-03 "To The Last Man" are repeating back to backfor most of the weekend. 2-04 "Meat" and 2-05 "Adam" will begin Sunday night andair many times as a 2 episode block for the week following that.FINLANDTV 2 Run.Sunday 11:06PM EET 1-06 "Countrycide"19 July 11:35PM EET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"26 July 11:05PM EET 1-08 "They Keep Killing Suzie"GREECE:Skai TV RunLate Tuesday 1AM EET 1-01 "Everything Changes"? (the pictures match it, seems tobe the first one)

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Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2009.